Monday, October 17, 2011

decorating with african masks-2

I had a post earlier about decorating with African masks. I thought I should share some more images to inspire people who are interested in decorating their homes with African masks and see their beauty. 

I would like to continue this subject in the near future. There are so many inspiring images out there I want to share...

A Bwa Butterfly mask with beautiful symetric geometrical decorations is a focal point here.

Phyllis Briley's West Side mid-Manhattan loft reminds me of Vicente Wolf.  A small Dan mask is displayed on the shelf with her other collection.

 Book shelves are a great place to display African artifacts.

Another way to display masks, and I am loving it.

I always love body masks from Kenya, and what it represents. It is worn by men during their wives pregnancy. It is kind of a moral support for the women. I love the dark wood Ethiopian chair.

Afro Retro style dinning room, the throwing knife from Zaire and three mask in the hall complements the minimalist style.

With the six-foot ceremonial Bwa mask, the orcher yellow wall, rich dark woods with contrasting color accesories, this room is a great example of African Style.

I love this Asian African fusion bedroom.

Joshua Givens and Norma Darden's bedroom displays a Bwa Sun mask in front of the sunny window. It makes sense :).

George Faison's music room mantel displays extensive collection of African Helmet masks. I would love to have one in my collection.

Dogon mask casually displayed on a Nigerian stool.

One of my favorite designers Vicente Wolf, composes pieces from different cultures and periods in vignettes. He creates small groupings in a room. It is so inpiring...


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