Tuesday, August 30, 2011

decorating with african masks

African masks create unique living spaces. They can be hung on the wall, displayed on the table or other places and used in any decor.

Here are some rooms I found decorated with African masks;

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Here is an exotic bedroom decorated with antique African masks created by designer Hernán Arriaga for a home (Rita Noroña Schrager's home) in Southampton, New York.

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One of my favorite designers, Vicente Wolf, integrates African Masks in a modern room.

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An African Baule Goli Moon mask in the Entry hall.

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A bedroom with one large Bwa Sun mask.

Smililar Bwa Sun mask gives life to my office.

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A contemporary office room decorated with reproduction masks.

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African mask collection displayed in a guest room in Shelter Island, New York.

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Another eclectic bedroom wall decorated with African masks.

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French designer Marie-Paule Pelle decorates her house in Kenya by adorning terrace walls with antique trophies and masks from Tanzania and Zaire.

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Contemporary kitchen decorated with African masks softens up the hard lines around the kitchen.

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Beautiful small living room with Mossi masks on the 19th century Chinese table.

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African masks in a Manhattan entrance hall displaying interesting juxtaposition between old and new.

Here is my small living room wall. I found my masks at flea markets. I love the primitive expressions of each mask, each have a different story behind them. I think displaying my collections in groups make them look more unified.

The ceremonial masks are from the Ivory Coast.

Dogon mask was the first mask I seriously started with my African mask collection. When I found it at a flea market, it was ugly and beated up, horns were broken and I fell in love with it right then.

This gorgeous Dan mask was one of my husband's finds. It has a special place in my collection.

The African Nafana Bedu mask makes a strong abstract statement on the wall in the dinning room.

Another African Mossi mask highlights a narrow wall in my entry.

Here are some more living rooms decorated with African masks;

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Great idea for displaying African masks in niches. Yellow walls with white painted niches add contrast and makes masks more visible.

interior design african style livingroom African Style Decoration
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Love this sunny room.

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The main safari lodge’s living room in Botswana is filled with African artifacts, including Baga Snake "Bansonyi" headdress masks.

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Baga headdress mask, beautiful abstract representation of a snake, displayed as an upright sculpture.

Here is a gorgeous Bwa Butterfly mask, decorated with geometric patterns, sitting on top of  messy hutch in our office room looking down and protecting us.

Update: new post: decorating with african masks-2  is here

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