Friday, October 14, 2011

happy friday: random pictures: chairs

"It's more interesting to have just a picture of a small detail, then you can dream all the rest of it. Because when you see the whole thing, what is there to imagine?" - Dries Van Noten

Happy weekend! :)

Images from top:
Chinese screen doors (ebay), Chinese horse shoe chair (Material Culture)
Chinese  officer chair (Luban Antiques), Chinese wedding bed frame (chineseantiquewholesaler), Vintage claw oak table (local antique store), Turkish silver mirrors
Chinese Chair (chineseantiquewholesaler), Chinese moon face cabinet, Chinese window screen (Luban Antiques), buddha heads (Marshalls)
Chinese horseshoe chair, brass Indian Cabinet (Material Culture), Ganesha (Oak Tree Rd. stores), Ralph Lauren alternative down comforter (Marshalls)
African Plank mask, African bowl (flea market), Chinese Chair (Luban Antiques)
Chinese horseshoe chair (Material Culture), brass Indian cabinet (Material Culture), lanterns (Marshalls/T.J.Maxx)
African masks (flea markets), teak satee (Anteak Store), cushions (Marshalls/Home Goods)
Captains chair (Craigslist), Bwa sun mask (flea market)

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