Friday, May 1, 2015

diy driftwood ladder

One of the warmest days of Spring I escaped to the beach where I also found some driftwood for my next project. Yes here I am again with one of my small projects. I had a long time desire to make a driftwood ladder. They look rustic yet fit in most any decor. These ladders look so good dressed in throws, towels, blankets, magazines, jewelry or other decorative items but heck I just like to see them naked :)

Wait, it all started here. Okay, this is not me on the horizon I just wanted to share this perfect Spring moment at the beach.

Driftwood collected, cleaned, measured, marked and drilled. Although this doesn't mean I didn't have to drill a few more holes later. I am a messy and impatient person when it comes to projects and so I can make mistakes easily. When I started putting things together which was the hardest part, some holes didn't align. I ended up drilling a few more but thankfully the wood's imperfections hid my mistakes. 

I also used glue (Nail glue, or you can use wood glue too- it doesn't show here) when putting them together.

Thank God for blue tape. I use it all the time for my projects. It holds things pretty tight. The glue was left to dry over night.

Now sitting pretty in my living room. I wish the ladder wasn't the same height as my Indian door which would provide a visual contrast. But it still exceeded my expectations.

I was surprised how the joints fit so well. I cut the runs at a slight angle allowing me to twist them and find the best fit.

For this project I used; Driftwood, drill, hand saw, dowel rod, glue, plastic sheet for the mess and the blue tape.

Here are some driftwood ladders assembled differently and used for various purposes taken from Pinterest;

Drift wood ladder for towels or blankets
via Pinterest

Loving this minimalist look. Also found on .

via Pinterest

Catherine Op de Beeck makes furniture and home decorations using driftwood. Beautiful towel rack.

from San Giorgio Hotel on the island of Mykonos by Lambs and Lions #isolovethisplace - beached wood is just <3
via Pinterest

Also found on freshhome . Gorgeous bathroom detail from eclectic Greek Island retreat San Giorgio Hotel on the island of Mykonos.

via Pinterest

Casa Tatui by Portugese interior designer Vera Iachi. Using a mix of driftwood and sleek white painted wood makes it very interesting. Found on designfieldnotes .

interior inspiration by guida
via Pinterest

Also found on yourdecor . Obviously so loving it as a towel rack.

via Pinterest

How about using it outdoors? Found on mennaj . She says she "tied the "steps" with hamp string".

via Pinterest

Also found on heidamen . Simple and well secured.

via Pinterest

Also found on stylebyemilyhenderson .

It becomes an art piece in this funky modern vignette.

via Pinterest

Also found on 79ideas . Such a great idea for hanging clothes and shoes. The uneven driftwood adds some interest.

What do you think about driftwood in a decor, would you use them, how?

Happy weekend! xx

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