Friday, May 22, 2015

diy mounting a staghorn plant

I have been admiring hanging staghorn plants on walls for a long time but never had the chance to have one myself. I love the antler shaped fronds. They survive by attaching roots to other plants and absorbing water through fronds. Daily misting and light fertilization keep the staghorn fern thriving. Pre-mounted ones are usually expensive. Since I had some leftover pallet wood from my last project I tried mounting one for myself. All I needed was a staghorn plant, a board, some peat moss and spanish moss, fishing line and screws. (I also used a cordless nail gun and a cordless screw driver)

I first cut pallet wood and made a board by attaching 3 pieces to a cross member using my nail gun. I made the board large enough to hold the plant. 

Wire strung between two screws allow the board to be hung on a wall.

On the front of the board I placed four screws as shown.

First I put a little mound of peat moss for the nutrition. "A horticulturalist at the University of Connecticut recommends a mixture of 3 parts of peat to 1 part to perlite and then adding sphagnum moss or horticultural charcoal." I just used peat moss. Some recommend soaking the peat moss over night. I didn't:) 

And then placed the plant on the mound.

I covered the fern roots with spanish moss and used fishing line to hold the plant in place by criss-crossing between the 4 screws multiple times (mine was a heavy duty fishing line I already had around the house, thinner the better visually) and voila. Its's done.

Finished and hanging on my balcony. I added more spanish moss to cover the fishing line.

Love the rustic look. Hopefully I will not kill the plant, fingers crossed:)

Happy weekend!xx