Wednesday, November 26, 2014

cozy corner

Oh my, it's been a month I haven't posted anything... Since the winter is already here, I wanted to post some of my favorite home decor items with their sources which make me feel cozy.

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I gathered a few of my favorites in a corner of my living room, they all seem to work well together. The Icelandic sheepskin fur rug is at the top of my favorites this winter. I love how streaks of long black hair gives more character to the fur. These types of rugs appear quite often in Scandinavian home decor blogs, no surprise there. Mine came all the way from England. After a good heated last second bidding on ebay, it was mine from ecopelts. They also have a website called I paid a lot less with the auction-style then what they were originally priced. A little shimmer is never wrong in a decor especially with a beautiful sequined Moroccan wedding blanket pillow from hivernage. The seller also has beautiful Moroccan blankets. My all time favorite is the Indian chakki table made into an ottoman which I found at HomeGoods a couple of years ago. Recent crush Vietnamese Lantern Moon rice basket from Jimmy BeansWool used as a plant cover for my favorite fiddle leaf fig tree which is trying to survive indoors. I also showcase some of my books with bold typography and colors to add graphic effects around the house. Here I used one of my my old books Bauhaus which came from ebay. New Guinea cowrie shells from ebay and the Indian door from etsy (currently they don't sell on etsy, their website babaoneofakind) add great texture and patina. Punu African mask I found at a flea market years ago gives an exotic warm feel in the room.

Fairy string lights from Urban Outfitters add instant ambiance and coziness. I want to curl up and hibernate:) What do you think, do you have any favorites for winter?

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