Friday, October 10, 2014

transferring '+' image to a mug

Once again here I am with one of my silly diy. Love plus (positive or cross whatever you feel like calling it) signs on mugs. I call them positive vibes mugs:) Have been seeing them on Scandinavian blogs lately - no surprise there- and I was so intrigued by their visual appeal. I wanted to buy one but for some reason couldn't find any.

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Since I couldn't find one, I decided to do it myself. I got a white mug from HomeGoods and a permanent pen from A.C.Moore. A Swiss flag image I found online provided a perfect pattern and I didn't have to draw one. I only needed its outlines for the print so using PhotoShop I removed the filled area. After printing the outlined image, I traced the back with a grease pencil. The grease pencil drawing doesn't have to be perfect but just cover the lines that will be traced. I secured the printed paper on the mug with tape, grease pencil side down, I traced the plus sign then removed the paper from the mug. Now you can see the transferred image on the mug. I filled it using a DecoColor pen (you can use any permanent pen). Of course I am not as patience of a person that I used to be so I quickly painted to see the result, therefore it is not so good when viewed close up:) So if anybody out there wants to try this you need to be patient for a better result:)

Have a great weekend!xx

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