Friday, October 17, 2014

my new crush; french savon

My new crush; French Savon Liquide Encens Lavande (Incense Lavender) hand soap infused with rich exotic scents and enriched with a little extra olive oil. Amazing smell lingers after washing my hands really I don't need to wear perfume:) Love the amber color bottle and the simple yet powerful typography. I found mine from vickerey . It is a little pricey but hey why not pamper my hands once in a while?

Love the cube Savon de Marseille (French law requires that any soap called "Marseille" be made from a minimum of 72% vegetable oil) A L'huile D'argan hand soap that I found at HomeGoods. Loving the chunky look and the lettering. Smells good too, it's made out of Moroccan Argan oil. I have collected a few of these cube soaps in different scents while they were available. I am happy that they will last for some time...

What's your favorite hand soap?

Have a great weekend!xx

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