Friday, January 10, 2014

turkish bath/hammam sink

I think most of you know what a Turkish bath or hammam is. They are similar to saunas. I am not going to get into how Turkish baths work in detail but, I am going to talk about their marble stone basins that I love, called kurna. Visitors laying on hot steamed stone slabs pour cool water from these basins over themselves using hammam bowls, while preparing for body scrubs and then soap massages. That sounds good doesn't it?!

I came across these basins several times when I was pinning on Pinterest and loved their looks so much, I even created a hammam board. Around two years ago I saw a couple of them at a local Anthropologie and silly me I did not buy it. It was a great one too!

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This gorgeous Anthropologie sink that I photographed but didn't buy!

A year ago I found another one at materialculture. I jumped all over it. We had to transform it from kurna into a sink by having a drain hole drilled. We also had to raise the existing faucet.

The good old marble Turkish hammam sink is in! It sure has some character. A little bulky (okay, too bulky), but I kinda like that:) #turkishhammamsink #marblesink #bathroom #chinesecabinet #boho #bohemian #interiordecor #decor

I waited for almost a year and finally the good old marble Turkish hammam sink is in! It sure has some character. A little bulky, but I kinda like that:) I love the structure and the rugged texture of this old carrara marble. It is now sitting on a Chinese cabinet surrounded with small Turkish hammam bowls, hammam towel, soap holder box and Indian lassi cup.

Here is my old #turkishhammamsink from a different angle #bathroom #boho #bohemian #interiordecor #decor

Here is a different angle.

Below, some of the hammam sink pictures I collected on Pinterest that I liked. I hope you enjoy;

Turkish hamam
via turkishtravelblog

This is from an Turkish hammam museum, love those faucets too.

via media-cdn.tripadvisor

Another Turkish bath basin with hammam bowl.

via thingsthatinspire

Powder Room - John Saladino. Love this look.

Venetian mirror and Turkish marble sink
via trouvais

Venetian mirror and Turkish marble basin.

stone sink & ornate mirror
via brookegiannetti

Love this rustic look and that mirror is breathtaking!

1920s Turkish marble sink
via elledecor

Contrasting old and new. The old basin softens the lines in this room.

Amazing stone sink
via pinterest

Amazing sink.

Maybe for a pool bath? Loving concrete sinks..
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So fresh, simple, yet so chic look. Ah, don't you want to be there?!

via elledecor

A Manhattan loft with beautiful basin.

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  1. Oh wow, it looks great in your bathroom and the Pinterest pics are really inspiring!

    1. Thank you so much Deb! It means a lot coming from an inspirational blogger such as you! Have a great New Year!

  2. Hello, I bought my sink a few years ago. We are now ready to do the bathroom reno and I am wondering if the sink is functional. Does it stain at all?

    1. Hi,
      Mine is a little high/deep, I hit my elbows a couple of times but, I am getting used to it!:) When you install it you have to countersink the drain so the water doesn't pool around it. As far as staining, I only had it installed a month ago, so I really can't answer that question but have no stains so far. I hope this helps. Good luck!