Wednesday, January 15, 2014

blue tile crush

Lately I am having a huge crush on blue tiles! Frankly, I wasn't into blue much but, I've always admired Morocco's and India's luscious blue colors and never imagined those colors would end up in my home. Last year blue started creeping into my apartment, showing up on the entry door, on the coffee table, on the wall... Love blue tiles in geometric and calligraphic patterns, especially Middle Eastern, Turkish and Moroccan patterns. Recently I came across old Syrian tiles at materialculture, I jumped right on them. Most of the tiles are calligraphic patterns and I think they are a mix of verses from Kur'an and poems. The calligraphic tiles surround my entry door. It was a bold decision but, my decoration motto is "Surround yourself with what you love".

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I have been working on my entry door for a while now. It is not finished yet. Debating with myself if I should keep the brown. I wanted to have a old Moroccan style door so I had my hubby cut wood stars resembling Moroccan stars. Since the frames were already there, I had to design everything around them. Rustic Mexican clavos, Chinese Buddha scepter door pulls and old Syrian tiles, add more global character to my door.

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These are the Syrian blue geometrical pattern tiles that I love. They were going to end up along the lower sides of the door until I realized that I just couldn't separate them. What a great floor they would make! Unfortunately, I only have four.

On my coffee table $5 #roses from #traderjoes, do it yourself tray from old Syrian handmade tiles, quartz crystal votive holders. I am going to read my #favorite magazines and sip a cup of coffee. That’s how I am going to start the new year:)xx #happynewyear ! #diy #elledecor #theworldofinteriors #quartzcrystal #candles #malabeads #108 #newyear #decor #interiordecor # boho #bohemian #coffeetable #vignette

Then I decided to use these tiles as a tray on my coffee table. I made the tray from scraps around home. Loving the outcome!

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Beautiful calligraphic blue tiles are over the entry. I got it translated, it says "Lord Increase Me in Knowledge".

Love these blue tiles on my Pinterest;

Incredible mix pattern tiles.

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Loving this star pattern.

Toast SS13 houseandhome Spring Lookbook - 48 / 59
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Amazing tiles...

blue tiles and wall

Oh those floor tiles!

Fotógrafo: Damian Russel Fonte: House & Garden January 2012
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Such gorgeous patterned tiles framing the fireplace make a big bold statement in this contemporary room.

A fireplace in blue Moroccan tile against exotic wallpaper. Design: Martin Horner

Love this fireplace and Indian chakki ottoman. Designer Martin Horner used Moroccan tiles to add exotic elements to a Lake Michigan house. With layers of color and pattern everywhere, this home has treasures from all around the world. It's my kind of a decor.  

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Another beautiful blue tiled fireplace setting.

Moroccan backsplash tiles in a bar. House Beautiful.  Looks gorgeous!
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Gorgeous Moroccan backsplash tiles in a bar.

Blue tiled bathroom

Adorable rustic bathroom with blue pattern tiled wall.

shower via @Gilda Locicero Therapy

Adrianna & Paul's Eclectic Perfection Home

Stunning modern tiles at Adrianna and Pauls's eclectic travel inspired home.

Okay, I want to keep going... But, I think you get the idea:)
Have a wonderful day!xx


  1. I'm actually a fan of blue, and I see you have come under its charms as well! What a lovely post, and a deep drink of blue. Thank you!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I think it is contagious :) Love your paintings with beautiful blues on Pinterest. I am following you now! :)