Wednesday, January 29, 2014

moroccan hammam buckets

I have been lusting for vintage Moroccan hammam buckets for a while. Made from brass or copper with silver alloy, hand hammered beautiful floral and geometric designs, these one of a kind buckets are used in hammams to carry water. Nowadays their usage has been expanded thanks to some online sellers bring these exotic items from Morocco to our doorsteps. Being one of a kind and hard to find, they can be pricey. I found mine at Hivernage for a pretty good price. Planning to use it as a trash can or to hold some fouta hammam towels in my bathroom or I may use it for some fresh cut flowers. I can also use it as an ice bucket for chilling champagne :)

#Moroccan hammam bucket from lovely @hivernage ! Planning to use it as a trash can or to hold some #fouta towels in my #bathroom or I may use it for some fresh cut #flowers :) #moroccanhammambucket #eyelet #decor #interiordecor #boho #bohemian #suzani #nofilterneeded

Gorgeous vintage hammam bucket holding some beautiful fresh cut flowers on my dining room table. The bright colors of gerberas warms my cold gray day.

moroccan hammam bucket

Hammam bucket holding fouta towels and aleppo soap in my bathroom.

I found some pictures of hammam buckets used in decoration. I hope you find their unique, exotic beauty as much as I do;

Moroccan antique hamam bucket
via elramlahamra

original  antique hammam bucket  and hand made copper sink @LA MAISON
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This vessel sink is truly unexpected, the shape and design enhance this powder-loo. Hammam bucket as a sink @ the Hezen Cave Hotel in Turkey.
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A hammam bucket used as a sink at the Cave Hotel in Turkey makes the powder room truly unexpected.

Vintage Hammam Buckets - used here as cover pots for plants, but would make cute ice buckets for parties
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Vintage hammam buckets used as pot cover for plants.

Dar Darma's "Hammam" section (Bathroom in Moroccan). Those hand hammered buckets and the simplistic yet beautiful glass lanterns!
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Dar Darma's Hammam section in Marrakech. Hand hammered buckets and the lanterns adds beauty in the room.

Moroccan Bathroom in Girly and Natural Mood : Moroccan Bathroom Blue Wall Purple Wall Typical Details Tiles Two Buckets
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Parce-que Marrakech est une destination Bien-être à part entière, on ne peut y résider sans vivre l’expérience « Hammam & Spa »…
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What do you think about hammam buckets, would you use it, how would you use it?


  1. My heart beats faster when I read your posts! These are beautiful photos and I love the attention you have given these buckets, so that they're elevated and repurposed from their original use.

    It's nice seeing we have the same books. :-)

    1. It's very nice of you to say that! I always enjoy reading your comments! I am so happy that you find something exciting in my posts! Yes, those books are my favorites and lots of luscious blues in them too!:)

  2. Oh wow I love these! Thanks for sharing them! I would probably fill a bucket up with little paint brushes - that patterned silver could look cool with all the natural bristles and paint remnants on the brushes!

    1. I am happy that you liked it! What a great idea! I'll keep it in mind for my brushes too:)

  3. And oh yes don't you love that Marrakesh by Design book - it's one of the few books always out on my coffee table too! :)