Friday, August 9, 2013

my chinese screen crush

I have a little Chinese screen crush. Love their architectural structure. I literally have them in every rooms, even in my balcony; Used them as closet doors, window screens for my home office and decorating my bathroom, hall and kitchen walls. I should post them all sometime :)

Recently, I found these gorgeous screens at HomeGoods. No surprize there.

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This Chinese screen winked at me from waaay acroos the isles in the store. I rushed through the isles to grab it. Love the octagonal frame and traditional geometrical lattice design. It combines both round and straight-edged pieces. I believe it is elm wood but I am not certain. I displayed it over a teak Indonesian settee by the entry.

Later, I found these two matching screens for around the balcony door. Amazingly they also match with the octagonal screen;

Scored @homegoods ! These Chinese screens are a perfect fit my balcony doors :) #homegoods #homegoodshappy #interiordecor #decor buddha #plants #boho #bohemian #asian #love #beautiful #happy #chinesescreen

Here is the left panel. Loving the detailed herringbone lattice work.

Here is how the right panel looks.

And these two tall panels have a story behind them. First, I found these at another HomeGoods store but couldn't buy them because I had a large dog in the car and tought they were too tall for my balcony door. When I came home that evening, I measured the doors and found they were a perfect fit. I called the store next morning, they said one of them had been sold. Ugh. Why didn't I buy them that day? Decisions, decisions... Aaarg. I was pretty upset with myself because I was looking for these screens for ages. Anyway, I went to the same store the following week and directly went to where the screens had been. Surprize, there they were, both of them! I don't know how it happened but they were both there, that's all that mattered. I was totally stoked. Well, this time I wasn't going to let them go. I bought them and then later my hubby made a second trip -without the dog- to pick them up. Yes, I do not have curtains now. It is a brave thing to do but, I have good privacy so I don't need to cover my windows. They also allow light and air circulation and a feeling of space which I really need in my small living room. I can also put rice paper or fabric behind to give a little color. They are basically decorative architectural elements pretending to be curtains. :)

Here are the panels (if you can see them in the dark) with my dog :)

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Here is a panel peeking through Hindu god statues on an altar table. I know it doesn't show clearly but, I really like this picture. :)

Have a great weekend!xx

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  1. Gorgeous! A home(your)tour in pictures would be nice :)