Thursday, November 3, 2011

what is on your tray?

I like the functions and the beauty of trays in a decor. In my home, trays keep my small collections together and defines them. What is on your tray?

Sometimes the same tray serves different collections. Here I used an antiqued framed mirror from Home Goods to serve as a tray.

Here are some inspirational pictures from other sources;

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Nicky Hilton's Chanel tray

You cannot think trays without Hermes. I never thought I liked an orange tray. Here I am, having a Hermes tray crush... :)

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wicker tray from Good Housekeeping
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closets - acrtlic lucite tray vignette  Joy Von Tiedmann  Lonny Mag  Beauitiful vignette with lucite acrylic tray.
Lucite acrylic tray vignette
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closets - vignette silver tray silver picture frames  Lonny Mag  Vignette with silver picture frames and silver jewelry tray.
Silver picture frames and silver jewelry tray vignette
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closets - Python Tray mini-cologne bottles brushes  Lonny Mag  Faux python tray, brushes and mini-cologne bottles.
Faux phyton skin tray with mini-cologne collection
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Oversized white trays used for different purposes;

bathrooms - smoke gray glass round pendant wood bathroom vanity console art wall fixture glossy white lacquer tray basket glossy white lacquer tray red tissue box and white walls paint color
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dining rooms - black brown cafe chairs wood dining table decorative mango wood bowl glossy white lacquer tray mirror art exposed wood beams black fireplace wood ceiling dining room
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living rooms - orchid blue sofa white piping gold walls gold faux bamboo mirror white black Greek key pillows white blue green floral upholstered ottoman glossy white mirrored tray orchid
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bedrooms - turquoise orange bedroom lucite headboard cool tree sparrows mural turquoise blue walls lamps zebra ottomans stools orange tray turquoise blue lamps
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Bar tray
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One of may favorite designers, Vicente Wolf, creates vignettes with items from different cultures;

via Vicente Wolf, Learning to See, Bringing the World Around You Into Your Home, photographs by Vicente Wolf

Images from top;

Cowhide tray (Home Goods), asian blue&white square plate (T.J.Maxx), asian blue&white mug (Pier One), my favorite dunkers, I love to eat them chilled :) (Trader's Joe), Turkish coffee cup, RL porcelain rosette sheets (ebay), RL down alternative comforter (Marshalls), Cynthia Rowley quilt (T.J.Maxx), zebra print cowhide-leather pillow (ebay-DIY project), Turkish worry beads (Turkey), Architectural Digest magazine

DIYcharm bracelet (mostly old streling silver Turkish items), hand door knob (Turkey), hand paper weight (T.J.Maxx), French blue glass buddha (Turkey), wood carved Indian fabric stamp (Thrift shop), laquer Japanese lunch tray (flea market)

Indian made wood tray with beveled mirror (T.J.Maxx), Buddha head (Home Goods), faux coral (Home Goods), Turkish soap box (Turkey), Turkish worry beads (Turkey), orchid (Trader's Joe)

Antiqued framed mirror (Home Goods), old surme ( kohl, kajal) /eyeliner (Turkey), brass Hindu Gods (Marshalls and T.J.Maxx)

Antiqued framed mirror (Home Goods), old Turkish pottery, old surme ( kohl, kajal) /eyeliner (Turkey), collection of sterling silver rings (Turkish and T.J.Maxx)


  1. Hi I too am addicted to trays! They made such awesome anchors for which to play 3d artist with. I've got quite a few round the house which I've created, you're making me want to do a post with them. If I do, let me know if you'd like me to share it with you - love your .2 Spa wishes, Candy

  2. Hi Candy,
    Thank you for your comments! I would love to see what you are creating with trays. Please let me know when you post them. Best wishes...