Friday, October 28, 2011

happy friday: random pictures

"It's more interesting to have just a picture of a small detail, then you can dream all the rest of it. Because when you see the whole thing, what is there to imagine?" - Dries Van Noten

Random pictures around my house...

Happy weekend :) !!!

Images from top:

Chinese horseshoe chair (Material Culture), African stool (T.J.Maxx), Chinese box (ebay), African masks (flea markets), Turkish minaret alem (Turkey), brass Tara statue (T.J.Maxx), Turkish kilim (Turkey)

Chinese horseshoe chair (Material Culture), vintage map (Thrift Shop), vintage leather suitcases (flea market), brass Ganesh statue (T.J.Maxx), vintage camera (antique shop), old Turkish surme/eyeliner (Turkey), African stool (T.J.Maxx), Turkish kilim (Turkey)

Chinese altar table (chineseantiquewholesaler), antique Turkish clay pottery (Turkey), Chinese screen (chineseantiquewholesaler)

Chinese horseshoe chair (Material Culture), vintage leather suitcases (flea market), Chinese box (ebay),  brass Ganesh (Marshalls), vintage camera (antique shop), African the moon mask (flea market)

Chinese screens (ebay-chineseantiquewholesaler), Indonesian box (Marshalls), Indonesian wood offering items (T.J.Maxx), Buddha (T.J.Maxx), Japanese laquer altar table butsudan (ebay)
Vintage map (thrift shop), Turkish minaret alem (Turkey), old Turkish surme/eyeliner (Turkey), vintage leather suitcase (flea market)

Chinese screen (chineseantiquewholesaler), buddha (Marshalls), pottery (World Market), worry beads (Turkey)

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