Friday, November 4, 2011

happy friday: random pictures

"It's more interesting to have just a picture of a small detail, then you can dream all the rest of it. Because when you see the whole thing, what is there to imagine?" - Dries Van Noten

Random pictures around my house.

Happy weekend :) !!!

Images from top:

Vintage map (thrift shop), horseshoe chair (Material Culture), vintage leather suitcases (flea market), brass Ganesh (T.J.Maxx), African Dogon mask (flea market)

Cowhide tray (Home Goods), asian blue&white square plate (T.J.Maxx), asian blue&white mug (Pier One), my favorite dunkers, I love to eat them chilled :) (Trader Joe's), Turkish coffee pot, RL porcelain rosette sheets (ebay), RL striped fitted sheet (Home Goods), RL alternative down comforter (Marshalls), Cynthia Rowley quilt (T.J.Maxx), zebra print cowhide-leather pillow (ebay-DIY project), Turkish worry beads (Turkey), Architectural Digest magazine

Indian made wood tray with beveled mirror (T.J.Maxx), Buddha head (Home Goods), faux coral (Home Goods), Turkish soap box (Turkey), Turkish worry beads (Turkey), orchid (Trader Joe's)

Chinese horseshoe chair (Material Culture), African the moon mask (flea market)

Vintage leather suitcases (flea market), African stool (T.J.Maxx), Frye boots (Marshalls), Indian lantern (Marshalls) decorated with global jewely items, Turkish kilim (Turkey)

Antiqued framed mirror (Home Goods), orchid (Trader Joe's), old surme ( kohl, kajal) /eyeliner (Turkey), collection of sterling silver rings (Turkish and T.J.Maxx)

Chinese cabinet (Luban Antiques), pig on the wing (Home Goods)

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