Friday, July 25, 2014

diy silver paper sack

I have been seeing cool looking metallic storage sacks lately. I just wanted to challenge myself to make one with items laying around my house. All I needed was a paper bag and silver leaf. You can also use spray paint. I think spray paint makes a dull finish, I just wanted my bag to have some sparkle.

small and medium
via notonthehighstreet

These are from notonthehighstreet , they make great storage and look good.

via notonthehighstreet

Love the gold one too.

Metallic Storage Bin - Urban Outfitters
via urbanoutfitters

Urban Outfitters have these online.

DIY Metallic Sacks
via almostmakesperfect

These adorable diy metallic sacks made with paper bags and spray paint by blogger almostmakesperfect.

Here is my diy story;

I've had this gift bag from HomeGoods for about $1. It was a perfect size for this project. I marked the top and trimmed the bag handle then folded it over once. I applied glue for the silver leaf (glue comes with the silver leafing kit).

The glue made the stiff paper bag moist, soft and more managable.

After a short drying time, the fun part of applying the silver leaf starts.

Here is the finished product. I folded one more time and shaped the paper when it was still moist. Folding is a little tricky because the paper easily rips but it can be done safely with just a tad of patience.

Detail of the silver paper bag. It has a leather look to it.

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I think my new cactus is a perfect fit. Of course you should know that this is a paper bag and is not sealed. If you are making something like this for plants make sure to use a plastic bag or a plate inside. I chose a cactus because I water it once a month and very little, so it doesn't wet the bag. That helps:)

Happy weekend!xx


  1. Wow, I'm amazed at how well that turned out. Still - silver leaf kits are quite expensive around where I live, I'm wondering if just buying a ready made one wouldn't be less costly.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment! This project cost me about $3 from leftovers. I already had the silver leafing kit and the paper bag. That helps. Silver leafing kit is around $11 where I live. I always use %40 or %50 coupon for it and keep the leftovers for future projects. These sacks start online at $20, plus $10 shipping (Urban Outfitters), so I think I did a pretty god job. Also if I decide not to use it, it is recyclable. By the way I am still using it:) I can always buy one online but of course sometimes challenging myself, creating something from leftovers is fun and rewarding for me. xx