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moroccan sequin basket obsession

I have been so lusting over sequined Moroccan souk market baskets. These baskets are handy when it comes to carrying loads of stuff, going to the beach, shopping or simply going out. After months of waiting and searching, I found them on ebay at a very good price. I have been thinking of using them in my home decor. They would look stylish while storing my clutter. Most of these baskets are made out of natural raffia (straw), some have leather handles, some ebroidered or painted, some are sparkly which I am so obssessed with. My favorite gold and silver sequin baskets are hard to find in the States, mostly sold out or overpriced. These baskets are so beautiful in person I feel like I want to have them in every color:)

Here are my silver and gold Moroccan baskets in close-up.

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On top of an Indian cabinet in my bedroom they store my stuff while looking stylish.

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Sunday Market shopping holding beautiful Hydrangeas.

Here are some of the Moroccan baskets that I love on my Pinterest;

Sequin Market Basket
via pinterest 

This gorgeous one was found on lumuinteriors .

Moroccon Sequin Market Basket - Gold
via pinterest

How about gold shimmer found on workshop . Love the leather trim.

Bohemia Moroccan Shopping Basket, Casablanca :: Bohemia
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This is the only one I see selling on the web lately. It is beautiful but may be too much going on. Found on bohemiadesign .

Do you like my new shiny Moroccan basket???  Instagram photo by @misskickcan (Deborah Beau) | Statigram
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Gorgeous sparkles. From kickcanandconkers instagram account.

Moroccan souk market basket - decorated with hand sewn silver palettes, then trimmed in leather.
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Okay, last sparkly one, I know I went over board!:) Found on loadedtrunk the silver sequin is sold out but they still have blue and green ones.

xx..tracy porter..poetic wanderlust..-Moroccan Berber Embroidered Baskets
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Moroccan baskets
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Ah, so many of them to look at...

I cannot find the source of these two lovely photos. I just wanted to show the variety of the Moroccan baskets.

market baskets from the book Marrakesh by Design by Maryam Montague of
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This photo is from Maryam Montague's beautiful Marrakesh by Design book showing a market full of baskets. How about these gorgeous cheerful, colorful embroidered and tassel baskets? Looking at them makes me smile:)

Moroccan basket, Boucherouite style
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This one made of recycled materials boucherouite style from beyondmarrakesh .

Moroccan market baskets painted with white stripes + the simple little straw and wood stools with legs painted white.
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Gorgeous partially painted baskets, so Scandinavian. Found on vtwonen . (Styling Marianne Luning, Photos. Marc van Praag en Sunna-Ra Bijl )

:: moroccan made    :: french market basket    :: leather handles 40cm
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Loving this from downthatlittlelane .

moroccan baskets
via bohemiadesign

Plain and simple.

orange bath tub with paws - too much! <3
via bohemiadesign

woven baskets
via bohemiadesign

Love the interiors with Moroccan baskets.

Which baskets would you pick; Sequined, plain, painted or embroidered? How would you use them?

If you search for one of these lovelies on ebay you can find it under "Souk market basket/tote".

Have a great day!xx

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