Friday, March 28, 2014

cozy moroccan pom-pom blanket nights

Lately I have been having cozy nights with a Moroccan pom-pom blanket from mavencollection . These are traditional berber wool blankets used in the high atlas mountains to keep warm in the freezing cold. Love their texture and big luscious pom-poms. Mine has beautiful periwinkle stripes and big flirty pom-poms. Looking at it makes me feel cozy:)

Enjoying my cozy pom-pom #blanket from @mavencollection !xx  #moroccanblanket #berberwoolblanket #handmade #berberblanket #bedroom #decor #interiordecor #interiordesign #boho #bohemian #gypset #bohemiandecor #indiancabinet #chinesechair #globaldecor #globalstyle #love #beautiful #elledecor

Added some more Moroccan layers... You know it's still cold here...

Some of my favorites and their source;

Maison Malou loves moroccan pom pom blankets. You can buy them here:
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Amazing elramlahamra black pom-pom blanket.

l'aviva home's brand new moroccan pom pom blankets!
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This gorgeous one from lavivahome. Loving the insanely huge pom-poms.

The tassels are to die for!!!!
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Danish apartment bedroom styled with Moroccan Queenie pom-pom blanket. (photo by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer, styled by Julia Mincarelli)

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Queenie pom-pom blanket from mavencollection . This is the blanket I have.

Image of Moroccan POM POM Cotton Blanket Black
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Stunning black wool blanket with pom-poms from muima .

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seventeendoors blogger bought this stunning blanket from Beyond Marakech.

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This blanket is available at muskelil.

Hand Loomed Woollen Pom Pom Blankets from Morocco - Butter Yellow
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Butter yellow pom-pom blanket from paddotopalmy .

Moroccan Wool Pom Pom Blanket - Neutrals
via kaymcgowan , photo by Quentin Bacon


Moroccan Cotton Pom Pom Blanket - Colour
via kaymcgowan , photo by Quentin Bacon

And colors. Insanely luscious pom-poms with beautiful bold colors and neutrals these blankets are available at kaymcgowan , A Curated World. They are giving me heart palpitations even looking at them:)

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Blogger justinablakeney scored this gorgeous pink when "scouring etsy using search terms like "pompom" and "Moroccan" " :)

big pom pom blanket
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How about a diy pom-pom blanket? Who would do it better than Martha Stewart? Here shows how to make pom-poms. After that all you need is a blanket. I think I may do this next time:)

Have a marvelous weekend!xx


  1. I think my entire decor is going to be changed because of your blog! :-)

    Thanks for sharing about these lovely blankets.

    1. Hi Ivan,
      So happy if my blog gives you even a tiny inspiration! Thank you for your lovely comment!:)