Friday, November 1, 2013

my indian chakki crush - update

As some of you may know I have been looking for an Indian chakki table/pouf and drooling over their pictures for a long time. I even posted about my chakki crush here . I am glad some designers discovered these unique beauties that were originally used as flour mills and gave them a new life.

This gorgeous chakki was my first find during a recent visit to Material Culture. It was a little pricey so I decided to wait for a bargain... I am glad I waited...

Of course, no surprise, I found it at HomeGoods.

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I was in a HomeGoods and there it was! That day I took its picture along with some Turkish items that I liked. I did not purchased it that day. It looked too big and I was looking for one with removable cushion so I could used it as a table. But as soon as I arrived home I knew I made a mistake! So next day I immediately went back to see if it was still there and surprisingly nobody had bought it! I guess it was meant to be :)

Here I found a perfect corner for it next to my Indian door. I believe the leather is camel (thanks to google search), never seen one before, it has kind of thick hard leather and the wood is carved teak. I decorated it with my Turkish kilim pillow and Indian sari throw. So happy with the result :)

Chakki tables/poufs that I love and cannot resist to repost;

via 4bildcasa

I recently found this picture on Pinterest. You can see how a chakki makes a beautiful table. Don't you just want to lay down in that daybed surrounded by those plush pillows?

via apartmenttherapy

Evan and Greg' s cool downtown LA loft living room area with adorable chakki stool.


{via Pinecone Camp}
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This space gives me a smile for sure. Love the rich dark wood of chakki.

via horchow

Stunning chakki from Horchow. It is no longer available.

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In love with everything! Amazing Moroccan tile fireplace. Chakki stool from Serena & Lily.

via housebeautiful

I also like the white version of chakkis too. Chakki ottomans by Serena&Lily.

via beyondmarrakech

This is my all time favorite chakki picture from Beyond Marrakech :) Everything, stunning!

Please check out my earlier post here.

What do you think about chakkis, how would you use them?

Have a wonderful weekend!xx


  1. I am an Indian. Chakki actually means flour mill, but what you have posted is called chowki. A little difference in pronounciation.
    So these are originally low lying tables/sitting /eating tables.. not modified versions of 'chakki'

    1. Hi Monica,
      I think you should look at the pictures I posted as chakki table then google the same name and compare the pictures with the description. I have a chowki table too, that is totally different. Thank you for your lovely comment!x