Thursday, June 13, 2013

my chakki crush

I have been seeing traditional Indian chakkis used as an ottoman, a stool with cushions or used as a table in designer homes lately. They look amazing in any space.

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Chakkis originally are Indian mills used to grind wheat and other grains. They are beautifully carved round shaped wood with low legs holding a stone mill.

Nowadays they are also used as ottomans, stools or tables in home decor.

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Stunning chakki table from Horchow.

 Wooden Chakki Base
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Chakki base.

Chakkis with Cushion
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Chakkis with Cushion

Chakkis with Cushion
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Upholstered cushions on chakkis.

I just love their roughness, the rich color and the texture of the wood. Loving it with or without cushions.

Maghreb-Style Furniture, Rugs & Accents
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One Kings Lane chakki.

Dark Walnut Chakki
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Dark walnut chakki.

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If you are looking for a newly made white chakkis, Serena and Lily are selling these gorgeous ones.

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Okay, this is one of my favorite chakki pictures from Beyond Marrakech. Stunning Indian and Moroccan eclectic mix.

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Amazing Moroccan tile fireplace. Chakki stool from Serena & Lily.

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This poolhouse with French doors that open onto the pool area. Chakki ottomans by Serena & Lily.

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The home of renowned Australian artist Ken Johnson has a chakki used as a table. Sigh, I can stay here forever...

Another great use of chakkis as tables. Love this serene airy space.

Love everything in this room.


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The room color and the ottoman's fabric choices are not my favorites but, this space gives me a smile for sure. Love the rich dark wood of chakki.

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Evan and Greg' s cool downtown LA loft living room area with adorable chakki stool.

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Amazing chakki tables display favorite books.

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Perfect touch of greys, whites, neutrals.

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Want this.

Blogger Maryam Montague's home in Morocco. Gorgeous beni ourain carpet anchors chakki table and handira cushion seating area. So many wonderful things. Don't you want to sit and relax?

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In an eclectic living room.

In the conservatory... My dream space...

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How about outdoor chakkis? I adore this place.

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Cute chakki dog bed with sari cushion. I would love to have one for my dog.

I also found this gorgeous chakki during a recent visit to material culture. It was a little pricey for me. I think I will wait for a good bargain...

What do you think about chakkis? How would you use it?

UPDATE - Yay, I finally found my chakki! Check my post here .


  1. Nice! You show they can fit in all kinds of decor. I'd love one as an ottoman or side table. Have seen many but always passed them up, maybe it's time!

    1. Thank you Deb! I am glad these pictures reminded you of their beauty.

  2. Awesome collection of chakki tables!