Thursday, September 13, 2012

a book crush: marrakesh by design

I came across this lovely award-winning blog My Marrakesh about a year ago. I became a fan of Maryam Montague's blog. Finally, I have her amazing recently published book, Marrakesh By Design. The book includes Moroccan design elements, great interiors, Moroccan architecture, how-to projects that can be achived in your home and also features her boutique hotel.

Her beautiful online store redthreadsouk showcases real treauseres of Moroccan's one-of-a-kind Beni Quarin carpets and vintage hadira wedding blankets. Maryam, who is a human rights specialist, and her architect husband recently built and decorated the magical boutique hotel peacockpavilions  that would be my place to stay if I ever visit Morocco.

I incorparated her book with some objects I puchased or given to me from other places over the years. I hope Maryam Montague does not mind... :)

The hand of Fathima/hamsa is the only Morrocan item shown here. I purchased it from ebay years ago. It hangs on my apartment door. The rest of the objects are mostly Turkish, Middle Eastern and African. Here are some of the pages from her book that I liked, not in any particular order;


This book is going to be my inspiration for a long time... 

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