Tuesday, August 21, 2012

personalizing lamps with finials

Recently updating some of my lamps' appearance. Replacing lamp shades and finials will change the mood right away. I have been searching unique lamp finials for the last few weeks. I love how changing a tiny little detail makes the lamp look different. One way to find unique, vintage finials is ebay. That is where I found mine.

Love asian style lamp finials...

The floor lamp was an antique store find several years ago. I recently replaced the shade. I found the huge vintage celadon hand carved jade finial on ebay. The old lamp has mixture of syles now but, that is what makes it unique.

I love it when the lamp is lit, the finial glows.

I also wanted to experiment with my new pair of Ralph Lauren lamps' finials. The original lamps had round wood finials matching the wood trims.

I first found these blue and white asian style porcelain finials on ebay...

Then I found these solid brass Chinese symbol finials...

These are my favorites so far...

How do you personalize your lamps?


  1. That indeed looks very lovely. I think I'm going to pick up some of your great ideas sometime.