Wednesday, November 23, 2011

houndstooth style

I personally was not so crazy about houndstooth style. I was okay with a coat and a handbag or a hat, that was all for me. But, I have been seeing Houndstooth design everywhere lately, it started growing on me too :) Houndstooth is classy and goes with almost everything.

These are my only houndstooth items I have a Ralph Lauren doctor's bag and Jonathan Michael coat, both purchased at T.J.Maxx a while ago. I found an Alessandra Bacci hat at Marshalls. My rule is not to wear them together :)

Over the weekend I found houndstooth chenille throws at Home Goods, it was a steal, only $12.99.

Here are some houndstooth pattern handbags. I think the pattern looks great on a bag. Don't you?

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Who wouldn't want to own one of these Kate Spade bags?

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Chanel bag                                                                                     Gucci bag


Valentino houndstooth fleur bag.

How about houndstooth shoes, would you wear them?

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Guess shoes.

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Moschino shoes.

Here are some more houndstooth clothing and accesories;

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Alexander McQueen.

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GWEN STEFANI  photo | Gwen Stefani     
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Gwen Stefani is a master of wearing houndstooth. It just looks so natural on her.

Gwyneth Paltrow in a houndstooth coat with contrasting red shoes. She looks great in it.

It looks great on her.

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Love, love, love the jewelry and a touch of houndstooth. Just enough.

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How about gorgeous Hermes cuffs and the bag? Love the bag.

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Hayden Panettiere wearing Express houndstooth coat.

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Yohji Yamamoto hourglass pattren on pattern whimsical houndstooth coat.

How about some home decor with houndstooth? I never thought houndstooth could be cute on a rug.

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Gina Kates: chocolate brown  chocolate brown velvet sofa, ivory and brown houndstooth rug, espresso ...
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Bold brown houndstooth rug anchors the place well.

Gina Kates: tween room  pink & orange houndstooth fabric chairs, flokati rug and art.
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Little girl's room with the cute pink chair.

Gina Kates: Tobi Fairley  silver sunburst mirrors, orange modern accent tables, white lamps with ...
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So retro...

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Looks cool.


I love the book display.

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The bold red houndstooth throw pops.

What do you think abot houndstooth? Love it or hate it?


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