Wednesday, August 17, 2011

chinese altar table accessories

Love Chinese altar tables. I have several of them in my tiny apartment. This Chinese altar table I purchased from chineseantiquewholesaler, ebay store based in NYC. It was so unusual, I fell in love with it immediately. Love the gold gilted details. It goes well with brass Hindu god statues that I decorated with. The first thing I see as I enter my house is this amazing table and the Hindu god statues. They give me a great energy. I collected these statues a few years ago from T.J.Maxx and Marshalls stores. I think they no longer stock them because I have not seen any for sometime... I feel so lucky to have them.

Chinese altar table and the brass statues in my livingroom.

Hindu gods with surma eye cosmetics collection

Altar table details, chineseantiquewholesaler, NYC
Butsudan Japanese laquer altar table, ebay. Russian church candle holders, Russia

Altar table gold detail and Tara statue, T.J.Maxx

Goddess Lakshmi with Elephants Bells detail, Marshalls

Chinese box detail, ebay. I love the box, it hides my clutter :) 

Manjushri-Bodhisattva of Wisdom detail, Marshalls

Ganesha detail, T.J.Maxx

Ganeshas, T.J. Maxx

Surma, kohl, kajal, eye cosmetics, Turkey

The surma (kohl, kajal) old eye cosmetic collection were a gift to me when I travelled to Turkey several years ago.


  1. Your altar is indeed beautiful... I am Chinese and also a Hindu .. hahaha... so, I can totally appreciate both the aesthetic and the spiritual presented here... very nice :)

    1. Hi
      I really appreciate your lovely comment! I posted this a long time ago, things have changed but my Chinese table and beloved collections are still staying in the same place. I added a few more during the years:) In my home all cultures along with their spirituality are welcome. Thanks for visiting!