Friday, March 20, 2015

currently coveting...

Currently coveting....

Black tiles. Is black the new white? I will take it.

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Photo by Romain Richard

Gorgeous shinny black tiles against grey wall. And all natural wood kitchen elements. Heavenly combination!

Basic Bolga Basket - Black
via connectedgoods

Basic Bolga basket from Connectedgoods. I've been going happy crazy seeing so many gorgeous colorful baskets from Ghana lately, but this one stole my heart!

How about bright colored stacked diamond shaped kilims? They make the room.

via urban outfitters

Above is from Urban Outfitters but you can also find them on ebay and etsy at very good prices.

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You know what I mean...

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These gorgeous kilim rugs called Turkish Antalya kilims or Anatolian kilims. I love the neutral colors too. I would probably go with this one.

via free people

Lastly, I have been coveting huge kilim bags. Free People Savoy Weekender bag is one. So in love with this huge kilim bag but it is a little pricey. You can also find kilim bags on ebay and etsy.

What are you coveting lately?

Have a delicious weekend!xx

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