Tuesday, August 28, 2012

fouta/hammam towels

Recently I came across the picture of a fouta towel (au lit fine linens) on House&Home's Kitchens and Baths magazine. They are also called Turkish hammam towels. These towels are so versatile and also can be used as beach towels, table cloths or wraps. Fouta towels are so visiually appealing, they have become my latest obssesion.

This picture reminded me of the images that I collected for my Pinterest's Bathroom board. I wanted to share them with you. Light cotton fringed and striped towels are available at online specialty stores, ebay and etsy. I would like to get my hands on these gorgeous towels. Take a look at the following pictures to see what I mean...

These towels are bigger than my Bath Sheets - Black and White "Fouta" Bath Towels by Scents and Feel at Horchow.

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Scents and Feel Black and White "Fouta" Bath Towels by Horchow.

Hamam Towel - Click Image to Close
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Souk shop also carries these Turkish towels.

Laviva Home turkish hamman towel natural with grey stripes $60

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Laviva home towels.

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Hammam Stripe Hand Towel
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Turkish Hammam striped hand towels.

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Fouta towels displayed in a store.

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Premium Turkish Towel, Peshtemal, beach towel, hammam towel, bath towel, picnic towel, Spa Towel, Gray Striped
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Here are some pictures of fouta towels in a bathroom decor;

Eco bathrooms can have a very "zen" feel by using a lot of natural materials and textures.

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A unique ladder as a towel rack is a cool idea.

Fouta Large Stripes Towels at Remodelista

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Turkish bath towels by blogger Marion Melbourne .

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Blanket from Nine Space
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You May Be Wandering: Wednesday Wanderlust ~ Sunbathing!

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Oversized fouta towels for beach...

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You can also wear them too...

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A bath in a house in Provence spotted on Kikette Interiors.

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Do you like fouta towels? Which one is your favorite?