Monday, July 30, 2012

jaime pressly's home

Just found this page among my pile of papers, I believe it is form August 2006 issue of In Style magazine. The reason I kept this page all these years is because I loved her home decor especially her bathroom... Now that I am renovating my bathroom, it seems a good time to revisit her bathroom and some of her home pictures...

 In Style, August 2006 page.

She has my dream bathroom. Love the big slate tiles with little spacing, the natural light, buddhas and candles... It is so serene and inviting... When I looked at this picture I realized that I had this image in the back of my mind when I put a travertine tile wall in front of my bathtub - My bathroom renovation pictures coming soon...

Jaime Pressly at her stairs, loving the buddha on the wall.

Thai buddha occupies a corner in her house.

Large Kuan-Yin buddha head sitting on a low altar table greeting her guests as they enter her living room.

I love surrendering myself with antiques and always wonder what's the story behind them...

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