Tuesday, June 5, 2012

balcony decor

I always think balconies are extentions of the home... My balcony reflects my home decor. I enjoy decorating it...

Indian red patchwork pillows and sheeepskin rugs, antique Chineese window screens, Indian lanterns, buddha statue, lotus marble bird feeders, asian garden stools, lots of greens and red plants... This is my balcony;

Red impatients and hibiscus trees are a great attraction for hummingbirds. They last long too.

Hibiscus tree and antique Chinese window screen.

Indonesian bamboo settee, sheepskin rugs and patchwork Indian pillows.

My husband and I did the slate tiling... :)

 I saved this tree from the trash last year. It lost a few limbs but, seems to be doing okay...

Brass Ganesh that I found at Marshalls hanging above the balcony door.

I found the cement buddha years ago from a local nursery, and marble lotuses from a garden store that I use for feeding and watering the birds...

I mix Indian pillows with Turkish ones sometimes. Indian pillows fade and age nicely over 2-3 years. My old white sheepskin rug turned yellow within 1 year even in the shade. These are new ones.

Turkish evil eye/Fatima's hand warding off bad luck, hanging at the balcony closet door.

I love these lanterns that I found at Home Goods a few years ago... Also love these Chinese window screens I bought from ebay based store chineseantiquewholesaler in NYC. They are no longer in business... :(

A visitor on the balcony... Color matches my decor.... :)

I found these solar string lights at Target. The rechargable batteries were not good, their replacements last longer. Because my balcony does not get all day sun, they last about 3-5 hours. They look liquid blue at night.

Solar powered string of lights...

I love the soft liquid blue color of the bulbs...

What do you think? Do you include the balcony in your home decor?