Monday, October 3, 2011

red crush

I think I have a red crush! :)

I just wanted to throw in a touch of French country with a toile pattern quilt... :)

Images from top:

Chinese Moon Face cabinet (Luban Antiques), buddha heads (Marshalls)-living room
Chinese opium bed (T.J.Maxx/Home Goods), sheepskin rugs (T.J.Maxx), zebra print hide rug (ebay), standing Buddha ( T.J.Maxx )-living room
Chinese Wedding cabinet (Luban Antiques), Buddha head (Marshalls), Buddha (T.J.Maxx/Home Goods)-living room
Tibetian chest (Luban Antiques), Turkish mirror (Turkish flea market), Turkish minaret alem ( Turkish Stores), French blue glass Buddha ( Mudo-Turkish store)-living room 
Primitive Chinese cabinet (Luban Antiques), ginger jars (T.J.Maxx/Home Goods), Turkish Lantern-kitchen
Indonesian teak satee (Anteak Store), african masks (flea markets), zebra print hide rug (ebay). red cushions and pillows (Marshalls)-living room
Chinese welcome mat (ebay), Buddha (local garden store), Chinse garden stool (Ross)-balcony
Red Chesterfiels sofa (Craiglist), sheepskin rug (Ikea), vintage Indian table (thrift shop), Shiva (T.J.Maxx)-living room
Enrty teak satee (Anteak Store), cushions and pillows (Marshalls/Home Goods), zebra print hide rug (ebay), Lantern (Marshalls), floor lamp (antique store), lamp shade (Marshalls), Indonesian wall plates ( T.J.Maxx)-living room
French country toile pattern quilt (Home Goods)

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