Friday, September 9, 2011

happy friday:random pictures

I wanted to finish the blue week with some ramdom images.

Images from top: Entry Chinese closet door-ebay, Treads-Jo-Ann fabrics, Turkish rugs, Ken Wyten painted steel statue,DE, Turkish evil eye-Turkey, Chinese bowls-World Market-Pearl River, Russian candle holder-Russia and Turkish mirror-Turkey, Turkish tea cups-Turkey, cameras-Urban Outfitters, flowers-Terrace,PA, garden pot-Terrace,PA, Chinese fabrics-Jo-Ann store, repro cast iron bank-flea market, doors-Terrace,PA, bowl with blueberries-Perl River,NY, door-Terrace,PA, blue jeans-Forever21, Turkish prayer hand-Turkey, Indonesian wall plates-T.J.Maxx, Chinese plate-T.J.Maxx, buddha banks-Urban Outfitters.

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