Sunday, August 7, 2011

sunday morning frappuccino at barnes & noble

Starbucks Venti Coffee Frappuccino and a few magazines to browse at Barnes & Noble is a great start on sunday mornings. I do it year-round. I cannot wait to go today.

Here is my favorite blend;

Venti Coffee Frappuccino
Non-fat milk
5 pumps coffee
3 pumps syrup (base)
Blended in one (crunchy)

I wanted a blend that was light and not too sweet but, the light syrup gives a strange aftertaste. I found 4 pumps of the the regular syrup makes it too sweet, so I order 3 pumps to reduce the sweetness and non-fat milk to make it lighter. I request 5 pumps of the coffee to give it more of a kick. I like a little crunchiness so, I go with blending set to one. I enjoy the crunch of little ice chunks even at the end. It took me a lot of trials to come up with this blend.

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